Wednesday, January 16, 2008


after a long term, loving relationship with my big comfy couch ive decided to do the unthinkable; trade him in for a younger model. dreadful, i know! my dear couch is of velvety type fabric, an expert cuddler and good in bed, well... as a bed. has a small rip in right arm, easily covered. im sad to end the era but it seems ive reached a midlife furniture crisis. must be picked up, time negotiable

Monday, January 14, 2008

Huge freaking ads for the side of a bus. Yes, really.

Our office is closing and we have a number of unused advertisements that were to be used on the sides of Metro buses. I don't know the exact dimensions, but they are obviously large in nature. Some are very colorful (blue-based), and at least one is photographic and mostly dark-colored

They are available for pick up during business hours (9-6, M-F); if you want a great quantity of them, there is a wheeled office chair that has served us very well as a substitute for a dolly. If you use more than one sentence in your reply, and/or if you tell me what creative thing you'd like to do with them, you'll move up the ladder of prospective adoptive owners. I can even see about taking pictures of them for you ahead of time, if we can find our office camera.

Red Bellied Pacu!! Free Fresh Water Fish!

Please take this fish he is a beautiful specimen, he is playful and about 6 inches long see pics below. His name is Big Bash, He has outgrown our tank and we feel he needs a good home please help!!!!


I will give you free advice on anything. PLEASE don't contact me if you don't want to hear the advice I give you. The advice will be truthful.


Fireproof safe, made by Sears.
24" H x 18" W x 15" Deep.
The combination lock does not work, but the door can be opened and closed
by the lever.
So if you want a fireproof safe that cannot be locked, this is the one for you.
Probably weighs about 75 to 100 lbs.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

old linoleum

very old linoleum

mustard orange with white, orange, green colored splotches (aprox. 10' X10')
blue with clouds (aprox. 10X10')

sorry it is already rolled up so no photos

free 50's era bath tub - excellent condition

50s era bath tub, some water staining, no chips in enamel. dimensions; 60 x 30 x 16. Must pick up immediately. Includes drain and overflow.

Just completed Divorce...Wife took everything!

I'm looking a couch, a bed, dresser, lamps, tv, dvd player...My child support is going to be "hitting" me soon therefore I can't afford much. When I stated "wife took everything" the truth is...I gave her everything in an effort to get back my "peace of mind" and besides I didn't like our children seeing us fighting. Anyway, whatever you can spare would be greatly appreciated. Happy Holidays! contact tom/720-620-0315...Again, thank you!



Microwave, sofa, empty beer bottles and shitty table

- working microwave; makes things hot
- 2 seater faux-leather sofa; good condition and comfy enough, good for outdoor use
- $10 to $15 in empties for you hobos reading craigslist
- shitty table; is shitty, not recommended

leftover from moving

on the street in front of 720 Marin Ave. (across the street from metro Lionel Groulx, behind Esso station)

quickly now, those bottles will be snapped up by recycling monday morning! oh no!

Pediartic Electrolyte for GASTRO - FREE

I am selling this product because we bought it and never ended up needing it. It is a sealed 237 ml bottle of Pediatric Electrolyte Cherry Flavour Expiring February 2008 which prevents dehydration and restores fluids and minerals that are lost in diarrhea or vomiting. It has great taste and fits standard baby bottle nipples too.

Directions: Product should not be diluted. Children under 2 years should consult physician. Children 2 to 10 years old: 15 ml of solution per kg of body weight ver first 3 to 4 hours; the usual daily dose is 100 to 150 ml/kg. A child weighing 14 kg or over may take up to 2 liters daily while diarrhea continues. Infants and young children should be given small, frequent and slowly administered amounts of Pediatric Electrolyte. Adults: Begin with small amounts every 15 to 20 minutes and increase slowly. Adults can drink 2 to 3 liters daily to replenish lost fluids resulting from diarrhea or vomiting. Drinking water between doses of rehydration solution is recommended.

Ingrediants(alphabetically): (Pavere) Acsesulfame Potassium, Bezoic Acid (a preservative), Citric Acid, Dextrose, FD&C Red #40, Fructose, Natural and Artificial Cherry Flavor, Potassium Citrate, Sodium Chloride, Sodium Citrate, Sucralose, Water.

Pediatric Electrolyte Provides (per liter or 4 cups): Sodium, 45 mEq; Potassium, 20 mEq; Chloride, 35mEq; Citrate, 30 mEq; Dextrose, 20 grams; Fructose, 5 grams; Energy: 420 KJ (100 cal).

free brocoli seeds

5 seeds.

Bottle of 10 vol. Cream Peroxide

I have a brand new, unopened bottle of Hi-Test 10 volume cream peroxide to give to someone who could use it.

baby girl

good condition . only not vibaration . call 3059040187

Awesome Ball and Chain Hat

I was made to wear this at a bridal shower I attended before our wedding. It has sat in my car for the past 16 months and I have decided I likely will not wear it ever again. My wife had the matching veil hat, but lost it many moons ago. Yours for the taking if you want it. Call at 828-234-1484 and come get it. This item will go fast and I cannot hold it for anyone.

Good Luck

Size 38 C nursing bra

I have a nursing bra from the maternity store. I only used it once(breastfeeding didn't work out for my daughter!!) It has the snap on the cup to lower and to reattach. I hate to throw it out. I sold the new one that I had but this was "used" once!!!!!!

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Empty tobacco chew tins

I have about 75+ empty tins if you collect them, I was gonna make something out of them but I got lazy. I know I said free but if you have like bottle caps or something crappy like that I would appreciate it! Thanks!

Mmmm, stained.

I have 2 XL nursing gowns and 1 pair of shorts nursing pajamas. These have some light staining that maybe removed with washing. They also have some tearing at the top of the nursing openings. I am also including a light yellow Motherwear nursing shirt that is the crop style opening.

These would be great for the new mom around the house.


free bees, Bee hive looking for new home

Free Bees, nice, tame but busssyyyyy so dont get in the way. Looking for new home. Currently living in parking cone but looking for something more comfortable, tired of urban condo-parking cone life. Want to move to a country estate. Current landlord would like to have the bee pollen or some honey but not necessary to help to move. Easy to move but bee serious, know what you are doing please. 305 448 0435

free bees

There are thousands of bees in the hollow of our tree in our back yard going through a small hole.

radial tire 175/70R13 half tread or better!

13" Radial tire 1/2 tread left made by Caliente.. (it's HOT!!)

Free Diapers

My son just changed diaper sizes and I have about 5 size 3 diapers left, maybe a couple more somewhere, I will check.
I hate to throw them out if someone that is needy can use them. Please email or call 425.347.8778

Free Rat

Free rat, grey & white, small male. To good home only, as a pet not snake food. Hopefully he can go today.

Free Groceries

Worship with us (Riverpoint Congregational Church 75 Providence Street West Warwick across from Prata Funeral Home) on Sunday February 10 at 10am and afterward you will receive a free bag of groceries. This is for West Warwick and Coventry residents only. You must register beforehand. Either e-mail or call the church at 826-3150 to register.

half bag of kitty litter

i have a half of a bag of kitty litter that i dont need anymore and dont want to just throw it away. 505-453-7015 ask for sarah

need medical marajuana caregiver

hello, I am visiting your wonderful island in feb and am in desperate need of some local medicine(about an ounce). If you can help me I'd greatly appreicate it.I have all licenses and be more than willing to show them, and only willing to receive from another licensed patient (keep it legal).
compensations not a problem
Thank you much
Be Well


Neil's Taxi offers a free taxi ride to any Addict/Alcoholic seeking a residential treatment program....For this offer and my HALF PRICE SPECIALS OF ANY TAXI FARE OVER 10 MILES...CALL ME AT PH:389-5474 THANK YOU.

Free $12.55 - No catch, well maybe one...

I have a large stack of Canadian Tire money. $92.55 of it.

I will sell this stack for $80 of real money. If your good at math, this sets you up for a clean profit of $12.55.

Not bad for a days work, if you can handle the embarrassment of slapping a 4 inch stack of Canadian Tire money on the counter at your local store.

While the cashier and customers in line behind you get disgruntled and impatient at the 20 minutes of time it will take to count this massive stack, you can be comforted by the fact you just made $12.55.

Free Brand new Sealed ROCKIE CHARLES Cd

Free Brand new still in it's wrapper.. ROCKIE CHARLES Cd Here's a Link for more info on him and his cd I'm in Port Coquitlam Here's a Helpful Map to View and Print
View Larger Map Email me for pick up arrangements.

2 .84 Liters of Crushed Pineapple

Okay, here's the thing, I don't like Pineapple and my mom went to Costco and bought the biggest can of Pineapple you have ever seen.
Anybody want it?????

Front Mat from 1992 Plymouth Voyager - Red

Front mat from 1992 plymouth voyager, sold the van 8yrs ago but forgot I took one mat out for cleaning. Ooops!